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The Joy of Parenting Course brings a sense of calm and confidence to parenting. It is full of ideas, but also an understanding of how to recover from mistakes. I love the perspective about our role as a parent: to give kids the tools to be self-sufficient, happy, healthy adults.
~ Reid C.  

As the parents asked about the difference between RCB and Joy of Parenting, I responded that the intention is the same. We all want to be able to parent our children in ways that bring us peace and joy. RCB has lots of valuable information that can help us with this. And as the world is now changing I feel we as humans have a bigger need to connect differently. In my opinion, Joy of Parenting is not a version of RCB. It goes deeper in explaining Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs concepts in simpler ways. And the way it is taught keeps the heart intention open from the beginning. I continue to learn as I teach it and practicing the concepts has gotten me to feel my own joy of parenting through very difficult times with my daughter. Sharing my heart is God's dream for me. I just didn't know it was going to be through teaching and connecting with other parents like me. Thank you Susie for sharing your vision, and having faith in me to also share it with my community in "español". I am living the life I was created to live and I am so grateful I'm surrounded by such loving beings that keep me focused on it.
~ Carmen A.

The things I enjoyed most about the Joy of Parenting Course was the material we were given, the interaction and the open forum. I am looking forward to implementing the family mission statement. The book, Key To Personal Freedom: How Myths Affect Our Family Lives is one that I will read over and over again. 
~ Paul S.

The Joy of Parenting Course has really opened my eyes about what it means being a parent. I think every parent has to take this course to raise responsible and happy children
 ~ Anneke S.

I like how we were able to speak about things in the class and the size of the class. The way you gave the information made it easier to take in and digest. I am looking forward to communicating with my daughter in a way that creates more closeness and connection as I know yelling doesn't help. 
~ Anthony B.

Course was good. I've taken it far! Parenting is a constant learning experience and I can use all the help I can get ~ especially from Susie!
 ~ Steve S.

What a difference a class makes! The Joy of Parenting Course gave me ways to become calmer in my parenting and helped me to remember the importance of taking the time to breathe especially in those moments of becoming uncentered. I love the idea of directing the responsibility to the child and the importance of taking care of yourself in order to be the parent you truly want to be. Thank you Susie 
~ Colleen B.
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