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Susie Walton
Author, Speaker, Educator & Coach
Even as adults, there's more learning and growing to do. I encourage you parents to continue to work on yourselves as individuals so you can be the best for your children! Model self-nurturing and a life-long love of learning so your children do the same!
Remembrance Course
Remember a time when you felt magnificent? Remember a time when you responded from the expression of your brilliance?

At The Remembrance Course, you will be given the time to focus on yourself, and discover competencies and gifts within yourself that will assist you in getting what you most desire from life by way of unleashing your innate magnificence. You will develop the courage and insight to take the steps-or a leap- by becoming aware of limiting beliefs you have been operating from that have unknowingly been preventing you from seeing yourself through your greater vision. Once you are aware of the limiting beliefs, you will form new ones along with ideas and choices to achieve your greater goals.

The Remembrance Course - A Magnificence Experience provides accelerated pathways to help you more easily and quickly gain positive insight, arrive at new conclusions, and take new actions, leading to greater ease and effectiveness in achieving your goals.
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Freedom to Be- An Embracing Life Experience
Why do responsible people do things that contradict their stated values? For example: do you state that love and respect are very important in a relationship and then find yourself fighting or arguing? The Freedom to Be experience will teach you innovative concepts that explain why. We can only love the people in our lives as much as we love ourselves. Throughout the weekend you will be given the opportunity to experience loving all aspects of yourselves, which will in turn allow you to love others in a much easier, effortless way. You will be given tools on how to stop blaming people and how to handle a situation when they blame you. By connecting with your deepest intentions to love and be loved you will experience a new sense of freedom and power to create the relationships you desire.

Testimonial: "I came not knowing exactly what I wanted, just knew it would help. I came out with help in so many parts of my life." - Anonymous

Corvallis, Oregon 2020 February
Instructors: Susie Walton and Dan Sivils

If you change the way 
you look at things, 
the things you 
look at change. 
~ Wayne Dyer