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I'm Susie Walton, and I created The Joy of Parenting Online Course to empower parents with the tools to raise resilient, respectful, HAPPY children.

After my 25+ years of teaching and coaching parents, I've seen the same issues come up over and over again, along with some new issues that go along with the digital age kids today are growing up in! We simply cannot raise children in the same way our parents raised us. 

Just like we update our computer software, it's time for us to update our parenting skills. My Joy of Parenting Online Course is that upgrade.

The lessons in my course address all the hot button issues that come with modern family life, like:

  • media & screentime
  • bullying
  • permissive parenting
  • helicopter parenting
  • setting and keeping boundaries
  • fighting & sibling rivalry
  • praise, rewards, & entitlement
  • respect
  • tantrums
  • self-management
  • and much more!

I explore the principles behind effective discipline, but I go far beyond; I speak to the heart of the parent and the child. 23 years of experience has shown me the deep need the world has for this whole-person approach to parenting. Children are stressed and bombarded with mixed messages from the media, and parents are overwhelmed. We need to connect with our children from the heart.

That is why I created this online parenting course, so that I can reach as many families as possible, regardless of location or schedule constraints.

The Joy of Parenting Online is accesible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, internationally. All you need is a computer or mobile device and a working internet connection!

It is my hope to provide a great value to you while giving your parenting skills a healthy, fresh, feel-good boost of energy.

The Joy of Parenting Online Course
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