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About Susie Walton
Susie Walton has been a parent educator since 1991, teaching live parenting courses and leading seminars, hands-on workshops, instructor trainings, teacher in-services and one-on-one coaching sessions. Walton has helped over 10,000 families create more peaceful relationships and stronger connections. In 2005, she opened Indigo Village, a unique and dynamic virtual community that provides educational and experiential-based programs in parenting and child development. She is also the author of the book, “Key to Personal Freedom: How Myths Affect Our Family Lives”, published in 2009, and is now teaching her own parenting curriculum, "The Joy of Parenting" to families live and online. 
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Susie Walton
Author, Speaker, Educator & Coach
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Joy of Parenting Instructors
Since 2013, Susie Walton has been teaching and certifying others to teach her parenting curriculum, The Joy of Parenting. Click HERE to find a certified instructor in your area.

Interested in becoming a Joy of Parenting Instructor yourself? There's no better way to impact the next generation by empowering their parents today. If you've been soul-searching for a way to make a real difference in society, consider becoming an Instructor to spread the Joy of Parenting in your area! Click HERE for details.