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Building a global village to support families in raising happier children.
Supporting Families since 2006
Founded in 2006 by author, educator, and speaker Susie Walton, Indigo Village is an internationally renowned organization, collaborating to empower people, families and partnerships. Our innovative, cutting-edge parenting programs provide a foundation for living passionate, purpose-driven, joyful lives!

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Our parenting programs can help your family  get and stay on track... 
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Our parenting programs can help your family  get and stay on track... 
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Susie Walton
Author, Speaker, Educator & Coach
​We believe that family is the thread of life...connection is a strong desire and need for everyone. We wholeheartedly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone deserves to have community that supports them in creating the family of their dreams. Our children are our is their God-given right to be raised with truth, respect and unconditional love.

Indigo Village was created to be the gateway and support to our future generations.

Indigo Village 
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In December 2015, Sports Illustrated ran a feature article on The Golden State Warriors, current champions and NBA basketball team with the best starting record in HISTORY with 24 straight wins. Coaching this dream team is interim coach Luke Walton, who happens to be one of Susie Walton's sons. The article about this sports phenomenon begins with this paragraph:

For more than 25 years Susie Walton has conducted parenting seminars across San Diego County, teaching anxious young mothers and fathers how to raise children in what she calls a democratic household."Everybody works in cooperation," Susie explains. "Everybody shares mutual respect. There are leaders, but the leaders don't use the heavy hand, as they would in an autocratic society. Kids take on greater responsibility, not because they'll get in trouble if they don't, but because they are given greater freedom. And isn't that the whole point, preparing them to take on responsibility when you're not there?

Why did a sports journalist choose to open his piece about a record-shattering champion basketball team with our very own Susie Walton? You've got to read this amazing article to connect the dots. Read the article HERE.
Susie Walton featured in Sports Illustrated
#Raisingathletes Podcast
Susie Walton and Kirsten Jones deliver a podcast to support parents in raising strong athletes, and most importantly, extraordinary people. More>